A world leader in the wind industry

windhunter_group is a world leader in wind measurement and training for wind energy professionals. Windhunter provides its customers with high-quality services and products in industrial trainings as well as optimization of both, developed and developing projects in the field of renewable energy.

Measuring at the highest level since 1998

Due to many years of experience in the renewable energy sector, especially in wind measurement, we perfectly understand the entire process of production, installation and maintenance of masts. Our team of professionals performs work at the highest level, with all the respect to quality and safety standards. windhunter_service offer includes the sale, lease and service of LiDAR and SoDAR devices. We also provide support during the service and installation of wind turbines.

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Training for wind industry

We were the first in Central and Eastern Europe to open a training center for the wind industry. We are in the world top five of training providers offering Global Wind Organization courses. In our work, we use simulators dedicated to the industry, and various infrastructure perfectly reflecting the real wind turbine working environment. In addition to a wide range of trainings, we provide consulting, sales and inspection of personal protective equipment.

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Over 250 projects completed in Africa

The Republic of South Africa is not only abundant in wind energy resources but also exhibits a dynamically growing demand for energy and a well-established position in the renewable energy industry. Our operations in Africa span many years back when we initiated a fruitful collaboration with a local partner in RSA. This synergy led to the decision to establish a company in this very location in 2015. Since then, our company has been dynamically evolving, providing services at the highest level.

However, we do not limit ourselves solely to RSA. Successfully, we execute measurement projects in other African countries as well, such as Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria. Since 2020, we have been operating our production facility, where we manufacture lattice measurement masts reaching heights of up to 200 meters, as well as other steel structures. As a result, we are capable of delivering products of the highest quality to our clients, meeting the most demanding industry standards.

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New technologies for business and industry

Windhunter_4.0 is an innovative company setting new technological standards. We do not follow the standard paths, but, instead, we set new ones that will be the future highways. In line with the philosophy for 4.0 philosophy as well as "Think outside the box" slogan, we approach each challenge in an innovative way. We implement and modernize IT infrastructure, deliver convergent, cloud-based, security and BigData solutions. We create mobile applications, including the ones for virtual and augmented reality. We integrate and implement automation systems based on IoT and AI (Smart Solutions) technologies. We design and prototype based on modeling and 3D printing. We provide highly scalable IT solutions, including the ones for electromobility.

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Our another big challenge north_america LLC

Windhunter_north_america LLC was established in Estherville, IA, in 2022. We are proud to be offering our US customers meteorological mast installation, as well as other services in the field of wind industry. Our motto is “We aim high” and we really do! We are enthusiastic, open minded, dynamic, and ready to take up any challenge team with a global know how in the field of wind industry. Basing on more than 20-year experience in wind industry we have decided to proceed with another big challenge, which is windhunter_north_america. We feel passion in green energy!

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Safe photovoltaics

At Energy_On, which is a part of windhunter group, we reduce the fixed costs of the operation of companies, farms and homes by providing them with renewable energy solutions that reduce electricity bills even up to 90%. Safety as far as energy, finance, technology and environment is our priority.
Additionally, our offer includes chargers for electric cars and building heating solutions with heat pumps or heating foils.

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